Because Jesus’s words are embossed in gold leaf on the South wall, “When my strength failith foresake me not.”


Catalina Ferro performs “When my Strength Failith.” I hope the church is listening.

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NEW POEM! It’s full of the gay. OKC.NET came by my house and interviewed me about the new book. They asked me to do a poem. It’s called Boston Marriage. It’s in the book. Yay, ART!

I love everything about this. Your book will be mine soon, and I cannot contain my excitement :)

"Boston Marriage" by Lauren Zuniga

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Anis Mojgani performing “Direct Orders”, “Here Am I”, and “Shake The Dust” at the 2006 Seattle Grand Slam.

Conversations: The Old Chicago Author

“If you learn how to communicate effectively to an audience, you are not only figuring out how to say the things you need in order to succeed, but you’re also developing empathy and compassion to the person you’re talking to.” -Robbie Q. Telfer


Interview I did with Robbie Q. Telfer, who is an awesome Chicago poet involved with The Encyclopedia Show, Louder Than a Bomb, and Young Chicago Authors.

See him cohost The Encyclopedia Show this Wednesday. Seriously, it’s one of the best readings in the city.

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